Day one, one day late.

I woke up to this amazing text from my amazing sister. Hey Erica, I am feeling 2000899X better just from getting this!

It’s safe to say the FAR clinic is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. 6 days a week of intensive therapies to attack all the yuckiness inside my body. I’ve never been so thankful to be in a state known for its religious affiliations because I’m definitely going to need that day of rest on Sunday. I’ll break down a few things I’ve learned from day one. We can get into the science of it all later.

img_4949Lesson one: Although one might be tired from driving all day  trying to conceal said tiredness is a complete waste of time. Let me break it down for you. Hair done, check. Make-up done, check.– First order of business. Jump into torture suit aka hyperthermia suit, heat body to 102.4 and walk around the rest of the day looking like a drowned rat with smudged eyeliner and hair drenched in sweat, so maybe more like a drowned raccoon. Yeah, feeling pretty hot right now. Pun intended, cheesy jokes just get me.

Lesson two: There might be tennis balls in the feet of the hyperthermia suit. If you fail to remove them all the people at at clinic may believe you have club feet until they realize you didn’t take the balls out of the suit before jumping in. 

Lesson three: I’m thankful for my small boobs, I swear if my boobs were any bigger the G-force machine would have bounced them right out of my bra and i would be walking around with two black eyes. Hey at least it would match the eyeliner… Maybe I’ll just adapt a very messy-grunge look for the remainder of my treatment. 

Lesson four: If you have gained any weight recently the G-force will make you (and everyone within eyesight) well aware of the extra pounds. #bouncebabybounce

This is what the G-force is like on a very low level.

Today, Day two, oh man it was a tough one…I’ll catch up on the updates tomorrow since its midnight and this (not a chance in hell am I ever going to be) morning person has to be up at 6 I’m going to call it. 

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